Street food: a guide to the best street food in Italy

If you are passionate about street food , this is your time. The street food , as it is called in English, once neglected and considered food of series B, he is undergoing a major re-evaluation, the protagonist of increasingly numerous events and festivals dedicated to quality gastronomy and refined creations by the chefs. Its popularity has always been high, both for necessity and pleasure, today we can finally consider street food a refined food, thanks to its preparation with quality ingredients and according to refined and innovative techniques that do not deprive it of its genuineness.

Here’s what you need to know about street food and where to find the best one in Italy .

Street food: the best in Italy
From North to South Italy offers a huge variety of recipes and typical dishes , with a strong territorial connotation. The same can also be said for street food , with many specialties and original recipes, characteristics for each city and region. We point out the most gluttonous street food in Italy.

Arancino / arancina (Sicily)

The dispute is on, the delicious fried croquettes stuffed with rice and many other delicious ingredients are called arancine in Palermo and arancini in Catania. Pay attention to the kind you use in the two cities. The arancino / arancina takes its name from its resemblance with the orange. It is a cone or a ball of breaded and fried rice. More often they are conical in eastern Sicily. In addition to rice the filling varies according to the recipes: peas, meat sauce, caciocavallo, mozzarella, cooked ham, aubergines and many others. You find it for all tastes.

Street food
Neapolitan Cuoppo (iStock)
Neapolitan Cuoppo

The cuoppo is the road food par excellence of Naples . It is a cone of mixed fried food that can not be resisted. The cone contains all kinds of fried delicacies and there are 3 types: sea (fish), earth (meat and vegetables) and even sweet. The sea urchin contains fried fish: anchovies, cod, shrimp, calamari and fish balls. It is also paired with fries. The meat can contain small pieces of aubergines and courgettes, fried omelettes, triangles of fried polenta, rice balls (mini arancini), panzerottini (potato croquettes in Naples), pasta zeppole, stuffed fiorilli (stuffed zucchini flowers), mozzarelline fries, artichokes, chicken croquettes and meatballs. Some versions also have chunks of sausage and sausage. The sweet biscuit is prepared with fried zeppoline, made with flour, water and yeast, sprinkled with sugar and in some cases covered with chocolate. This version, like that of the sea, is more modern. While the traditional cuoppo is based on meat and vegetables.

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