Moka Coffee VS Espresso Brewing

moka coffee vs espresso

Moka pot is similar to an espresso machine only in the way that both of them are being used for making the espresso coffee. In the process of making the espresso, each method is using hot water with high pressure over the pack of ground coffee.

The final use of both of them is the only thing that connects them, and besides that Moka pot and the espresso machine are entirely different. Also, both of them should give you a shot of black coffee with rich crema. The amount of coffee grounds is about 7 grams, and the optimum temperature for a brew is 90 degrees Celsius.

Moka Coffee Pot

Moka Pot, or a stovetop espresso maker is an Italian machine for espresso coffee. It is a simple and traditional system built from only three components. These three components altogether form a container with high pressure. The base chest is where you append your water, a funnel-shaped formed metal filter bucket is then set into the middle, your finely ground coffee is then joined to the filter case, you twist the top container over the plate and place over a heat source and your beverage will begin to rise in the top container.

Moka Pot is very easy to use the process of brewing gives you the concentration of coffee, which is thick and tasty. This type of coffee maker cannot make enough pressure like the espresso machine, and because of that, you will not be able to extract all the flavors from the grind.

Espresso Coffee Machine

The espresso machine is not as simple as the Moka pot. While the Moka pot uses just a stovetop to heat water to later create pressure, the espresso machine relies on heat factors, instruments, and electronics to precisely brew an espresso. Espresso machines come at various prices, designs, and sizes.  An espresso machine holds three central elements.

The water evaporator is self-contained in the device and is used to boil water and achieve a certain level of pressure. The group head, which, alike to a pipe, commands the water stream and strength that concluds the coffee grounds. And lastly, the porta filter, a controlled pot filter that enables the brewed coffee to be pushed into a layer full of tiny holes.

For an espresso machine, you will have to learn how to use it properly also it requires extra equipment. The price range comes from 200$ to over a 1000$, and some commercial espresso machines can cost up to 20,000 $.


It depends on what you need, and but while they both have the same purpose, the espresso machine is unquestionably a better one. The Moka Pot is a cheap alternative to an espresso machine that can provide you with a proper cup, but it can’t be a full-flavored coffee because it has a lover pressure. In case you are not ready to pay much money for the comfort of having a coffee at your home, then the Moka Pot is an excellent choice because the average price of it is 40$. y48 \lsdlock

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