How to choose the kitchen: tips and advice to get it perfect

Are you renovating your home or are you going to choose the furniture for your first apartment? An important moment is represented by the choice of your kitchen, your little kingdom. What questions do you ask and what do you know? Let’s find out together how to choose the right kitchen for your needs.

All a matter of space
The first, unavoidable element to be reckoned with is space. Do you have a large kitchen or a kitchenette? What can you not give up? Let’s start from here to understand how to make the kitchen of your dreams. Choosing the right kitchen is not easy but you can follow guidelines that will help you avoid making mistakes, only the practice will then give you the right answers.

An infinite universe, which kitchen to choose?
You have collected many catalogs and you still can not make a decision? Do not worry, that’s right. The kitchens all look beautiful when we look at them flipping through the catalog. We would like all of them but then we have to deal with the real needs of our home. What style to choose? This answer is completely subjective. From romantic shabby chic kitchens to rustic terracotta and wood, to answer this question you have to rely only on your taste and the style of your home. But even in this it is said that the kitchen must necessarily reflect the line of the rest of the furniture. If it is not a kitchenette, in fact, but a room large enough to be considered an environment in itself you can really transform it into your kingdom and furnish it according to the style that most excites you and makes you dream.

Component or not?
Let’s move on to the organization of our kitchen: modular or artisanal kitchen? The former has mostly standard measures and in some cases it is economically more advantageous. The second is to be made to measure and you will be sure to have a unique cuisine in the world, even if sometimes more expensive. What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of these two types? In the first case, the modular kitchens, the real advantages are two: price and delivery times. On the market the offer is really wide and it is possible to follow fashion, with the declination of trendy materials and colors. The modular kitchens are often also signed by great designers and adapt to all needs, even the most original because they can be built according to the tastes and needs of the individual. Disadvantages? The first concerns spare parts, precisely because they are linked to fashions and styles of the moment, in the long run it may become difficult to find the right spare parts. The dimensions are fixed and risk not being able to use all the free spaces to the maximum. Moreover, although they are modular according to their taste, they are presented with a common aesthetic. The craft kitchens, however, even if more expensive and long delivery times, I allow you to make the most of the available space and allow you to intervene with repairs even after a long time.

Who would not want a kitchen with an island?
The island is the one that in the big movies we have always sent US cuisine. Who would not want a kitchen so big to afford an island? In reality, today, with the establishment of open spaces between kitchen and living room, islands and peninsulas are much more frequent to meet even in Italian homes. When to choose it and why. When we have to furnish an open space because it helps us to create a boundary between two rooms that are actually joined together. The island or the peninsula can respond to different functions. Often they are used as a table, other times as a work surface, on other occasions it is here that the fires are positioned, just like in an exposed restaurant. This choice is perfect in large rooms and helps keep the feeling of space and depth intact. It makes the room airy and dynamic. The open kitchen, but in this case, better than the peninsula, is also recommended in small rooms if managed in the right way, creating a continuity of space with the living room and giving the feeling of more airy and bright environments.

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