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Also urged by the comments of friends Davide Cobelli and Andrej Godina, great professionals in the coffee world, we are today talking about Bacchi espresso, the innovative yet ancient espresso coffee machine developed by Caffemotive , the only coffee maker on the market that exploits the technology of a pressure multiplier, without electric elements and with an external heat source allows to prepare a perfect espresso, with nine atmospheres of pressure from the beginning to the end of the extraction. This jewel is produced entirely in Italy with anodised aluminum, a non-porous material, easily cleaned and with a perfect thermal conductionIn trying it we can only say that Bacchus turns out to be “domestic” and familiar as a mocha, but from the results of an espresso.

Let’s see in details or how to prepare an espresso with this truly innovative machine.

First of all, we have to insert water into the lower compartment which, turning into steam, will provide the pressure necessary to push the piston, then fill the upper compartment of the “heart” of the machine, the boiler block with the water that will serve for the our drink. After having inserted into the filter the quantity of fine ground coffee “per espresso” 14g for two expressed by leveling it without pressing, it closes with the element “shower” with the two delivery nozzles and energetically closes the machine like a real “wine press” in order to adequately compress the gaskets and to give the coffee the correct pressing of about 20kg. At this point, the “Bacchi” is ready to be placed on the heat source and we just have to wait 6/7 minutes when a whistle will tell us that it is time to open the tap and deliver two perfect expressions in our cups that, placed on the cup warmer will have reached the right temperature.

This coffee maker is on sale on this site at € 280 (ok, not very little, but as well as a great coffee machine is a wonderful piece of crafts) and allows you to get a comparable espresso with professional machines of high level . It is also perfect (it is really much smaller than what we expected) for those with space problems and ideal to be taken on a trip, camping or boat….

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