Fried fish, kebabs, hot dogs, American sandwiches, Chinese ravioli , tex mex, empanadas, kebab: the Milanese street food is varied, but it is not always easy to find quality street food and come to terms with the wallet. So we decided to select some of the best street food in Milan , based on the originality of the proposal, the goodness of the dishes and the nature of the place, not including restaurants in a narrow but small local or low-cost kiosks .

Street food, in fact, is consumed only uncomfortable, outdoors or standing. Remember this.

These are our addresses for Milan’s street food.


If you love street food and Chinese food we have only one place to recommend : the Ravioli Sarpi. Indeed, to be exact, there are two addresses: Via Paolo Sarpi 25 you will find Bao (stewed pork stuffing sandwich), fresh vegetable rolls and Chinese bread, while at number 27 there are incredible Chinese meat omelettes , pork ravioli and vegetarians. You line up, you pay and then wait patiently for the food. All excellent and strangely even digestible.

Where: via Paolo Sarpi 25-27

let’s wok street food milan

Eat something fast in Porta Venezia , which is good and, also wanting healthy? Let’s Wok is a rather recent opening, which brings the famous walking noodle to Milan (it also comes with home delivery in almost the whole city). You can choose the base, with noodles of rice, eggs, wholemeal, basmati rice and shirataki (the light alternative) to combine with vegetables, proteins, sauces with an exotic flavor – such as coconut and curry, coriander, sesame seeds and much more.

Where: via Panfilo Castaldi 40

all fried milan

If they tell you fried horrified? No, give a chance to Tutti Fritti , local in Colonne that fry anything you can fry: from classic pumpkin flowers to cod, up to meatballs and vegetables of all sorts. There will be many sauces prepared by the young Matteo Denti, who will also amaze you with tips and combinations . And if you are thirsty you will find a great selection of craft beers waiting for you. Environment a bit ‘claustrophobic with the full house, but with the spring you can always eat a nice fried in Colonne, no?

Where: Corso di Porta Ticinese 18

Photo: © Daniele Fragale

STREET FOOD TEX MEX WITH MAMASTREATmama streeat street food milan
Tell the truth, was missing or not in the Milan street food scene the Mexican street food? Mind you, the South American Market on the Navigli is a great choice for a traditional dinner and obviously more expensive, but a real take away was not there. Here MamaStreat intervened last year in Ticinese: offers tex mex delights such as tacos, burritos, nachos at competitive prices. The only flaw? His tortillas are not homemade, but we hope this will change in the future.

Where: Corso di Porta Ticinese 77

babek street food milan

Four very young members who have decided to apply the Slow Food philosophy to a food that is too often known for its poor quality. We are talking about the kebab and Babek , central location (a cross street of Turin) where you can try the delicious sandwiches and fried Sicilian inspiration . Selected ingredients, such as Fassona meat used for Slow Babek. Prices from 8 to 12 euros.

Where: via del Torchio 3

HOT DOG FROM HAMBISTROhot dog street food milan
Hambistro know him well for his burgers and his low-cost brunches , but the place in Via Savona – older brother of Maido and Amuse Bouche – also offers Avocado Toast and veggie burgers, and the superb hot dog in two very sinful variants : North Do (Greek yogurt and horseradish sauce, Weisswurst wurstel, pickled gherkins, spring onion, radish, beet sprouts) and SpicyGod (Sesame mayonnaise , Frankfurter frankfurter, sautéed orange peppers, fried leek). To be strictly combined with Coleslaw (American salad based on cabbage, mustard mayonnaise and carrots).

Where: via Savona 13

arepas el caminante

You can often find it in the Porta Romana area, but it is not uncommon to see this pickup truck around the major events in the city: we are talking about El Caminante , who for some time has been cheering the Milanese with revisited Venezuelan street food . The Arepas are halfway between piadinas and a taco. Made of cornmeal – therefore gluten-free – and seasoned with fresh, good quality ingredients.

Where: Here the Facebook page to find out where to find it

mariù kebab
Mariù’s Kebab is made with Italian meat, enriched with 4 different forms of bread and filled with selected Italian typical products. The best is the one with the Salento puccia. In short, if you want something more than a simple kebab, go to Porta Romana or let us take it home with the take away service.

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