Kitchen Appliances You Don’t Need | Save Money and Space

So, we juggle between several appliances in the kitchen. We spend a lot of time cooking and we realize there are many kitchen appliances that are just lying in the corner and we don’t actually need them. There are also many kitchen appliances that just comes and goes randomly. Some are purchased without giving much of a though and some are gifted.

The best way to buy a kitchen appliance is when it can do more than just one task. Below there is a list of kitchen appliances that you don’t actually need

·      Yogurt Maker

We all make our own yogurt. Yogurt can also be made with the help of a cooler or even the oven. Due to this, yogurt maker won’t help you much as it just does only one task, takes space in the kitchen for just this one task, when on the other hand money can be saved by making a yogurt on your own and that money can be invested into buying another kitchen appliance.

·      Pastry Cutter

Pastry cutter can be used for more than one thing sure, from chopping of vegetables to cutting boiled eggs. It has several uses that can make dinner biscuits light. But pastry cutter can be easily replaced by a spatula, knife or a fork.

These appliances do not even take much of a space in the kitchen as compared to a pastry cutter. Apart from this, knife and fork are used for multiple purposes, and can also be used to put butter, jam on the bread.

Pasta and Pastry Cutter

·      Zester

The zester is a kitchen utensil that is usually four inches long and is used to obtain zest from lemons and citrus fruits. But this appliance is mostly left to be unused and usually lies around in the kitchen cabinet unfruitfully.

Instead of using a zester a knife can be easily used to slice off the zest of lemon and citrus fruit. An alternate to knife can be a cheese grater that gives you the option of peeling large zest or a smaller one as well.

·      Baby Food Maker

Do you have an old baby maker that you don’t really need and forgot about it as it is lying somewhere in the corner for years now? Yes, I had a same scenario wherein I did not really need the baby food maker.

I only needed them when the kids were little to make small food through the processor. An alternative to a baby food maker is boiling, roasting and steaming the baby food instead of using a baby food maker. It is a simple and effective technique.

·      Rice Cooker

Yes yes, I know many people like rice makers. But I feel that a stove can be used well for cooking rice as well. This gives me the freedom to not find an extra space to store my rice cooker as well.

Rice Cooker

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