How To Clean A Cordless Drill

A Cordless Drill is the most effective tool in drilling and fastening nuts and bolts into different materials and if you own one, you know exactly what I am talking about.

However, if you don’t take proper care of it or clean it regularly, then your Drill’s performance could go down and it could become useless after a point. There are so many benefits and features of having a cordless drill which you can read before doing it wrong.

Cordless Drills are likely to collect a lot of dirt and dust when drilling holes and if this dust isn’t removed on time, they could become jammed or could overheat quickly. If you still haven’t bought one then make sure you read reviews before buying.

So, to avoid all these mishaps, one needs to clean their Cordless Drill from time to time to keep it functioning properly. Here are a few steps to keep your Cordless Drill clean and healthy:

Step 1: Checking the casing

The first step would be to observe the drill casing for any cracks or damages as this protects the drill’s inner workings from damages. If you see any cracks in the casing, make sure that you get it repaired or get a new casing for your drill.

Another thing to check is that if the screws in the casing are tight or not. If they are loose, you need to tighten them.

Step 2: Removing the dust particles

Make sure that your drill is free of all dust and dirt. You can use a vacuum cleaner to perform this task. Use the vacuum cleaner’s hose to suck up all the dust that is covered in the drill. Once this is done, you can use a soft cloth to wipe down the drill with a mild cleaner and water.

Make sure that you don’t let your drill submerge in water and dry your drill as soon as you wipe it with a cleaner solution otherwise your drill might short circuit.

Step 3: Keeping the chuck clean

The chuck is one area which is mishandled a lot so make sure that your chuck is working properly and isn’t covered with dust. If it is then you need to clean with a soft cloth and then lubricate it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Most cordless drills come with the required lubricant that needs to be used to keep the chuck smooth and functional.

Step 4: Keep the contacts clean

Another drill part that gets dirty a lot is the contact. So always check the contact and if you see any dirt or dust on it, wipe it clean with a damp cloth and then dry it properly.

Step 5: Proper Storage

One of the best ways to keep your Cordless Drill clean is by storing it in an adequate storage place. A lot of cordless drills come with a casing for their storage so you can store your drill in this but ensure that the casing is cleaned and isn’t covered with any dust or debris.

Also, make sure you keep this case in a place where the temperature ranges between 40 – 100 degrees to avoid rusting or damage to the case. If this is not possible, then keep your case in a sealable plastic bag and then store your drill in a particular place.

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