Benefits and Features of Having a Cordless Drill

A cordless drill driver is a powerful tool that allows a user to operate it without being attached to an electric plug. They are designed to drill holes or insert and remove screws in a better and convenient way. As compared to other drills they come with a great utility and appeal. Since it is powered by a rechargeable battery so there is no need of long 20-30 meters of electronic cable.

Well, there are many other features why one should go for a cordless drill. Let’s have a look.

Good Battery Back up

What else do you want if your tool has an extended battery life? These cordless drills use the same lithium-ion battery technology that our mobile phones have been using already. With its superior all-inclusive battery capacity and lightweight as compared to old battery technology, the lithium-ion battery makes it an attractive and better product.

Some of the cordless drills also come with an option of having a spare or even two battery packs so that you don’t have to delay your work (Just change the battery and go on). In this world full of smart technologies, some cordless drills also come with “Smart” charges, which can charge your drill in now more than half an hour. It also keeps the battery in a good condition, extends the battery life and retains optimum power.

Nickel Cadmium is the cheapest battery technology you can use occasionally but its heavy and poor charging quality doesn’t make it as the first preference.

Nickel Metal Hydride is can be considered as an average rated product. On the other hand, Lithium-Ion battery is light in weight and its high charge capacity makes it the better choice than others.

Better Torque Control

Torque control is the feature provided by the gears helps you to adjust the torque being delivered by the drill driver. If you use the right technique, it allows you to drive screws to the correct depth. It also has the ability to control the speed when dealing with different materials.

Thus, this advantage help to prevent damage to the screw head or work surface. The speed control feature helps to provide better accuracy while drilling which makes it an ideal and vital tool for construction.

Nowadays, most of the cordless drills come with 20 different torque levels so you can really fine tune the power being provided.

3-Jawed Chuck

Chuck is the part of the cordless drivers that hold the screwdriver or drill bits. It has 3 jaws that open and close to accepting the bits.

Why 3-jawed chucks are useful because they can hold bits and straight shanks as well as hexagonal.

On the other hand, cordless impact drivers and screwdrivers don’t provide such facility, so you have to purchase drill bits with hexagonal shanks that mean replacing most of the drill bits in your toolbox.

Before buying a cordless drill, make it clear, for what purpose you are going to buy it? Is it for simple drilling or for any other advantages also? What type of battery should it have? Do you want a high power drill or not? and many other questions.

5 Reasons to Keep Your Corded Drill

There is no doubt that cordless drills are more powerful these days because you don’t have the need of 20-30 meters long cable and they are more portable. Their lithium-ion batteries and better power backup make it a perfect choice nowadays.

Drilling or driving becomes easier when it comes drill in some awkward areas like under the sink, area where electrical connection is far away and many more.

But still, there are many reasons why you should not leave your corded drill yet.

Higher Top Speeds

Corded drills operate at higher top rotational speeds as compared to cordless drills, therefore, it becomes easy to drill non-drilling accessories such as heavy metal or paint stripping.

Sometimes you want higher speed for smaller bits and if you look at a drill speed chart, you will get to know that a lot of smaller bits can run on higher speed as compared to a cordless drill.

Infinite Power and Always Ready to Use

There might be some chances that the cordless drill run out of battery but with a corded drill, you just need a power connection and it is done. While performing additional tasks take takes long duration such as cleaning metal is easy in a corded drill.

In short, there is no need of charging batteries earlier, no extra care for the chargers and you don’t have to check the power gauge. Just take the drill and use whenever you want.


Cordless drills are made more work efficient and are also designed to be lightweight and portable. Yes, it is true that due to the heavy weight of the tool it becomes exhausting while using but many times nothing is more comfortable than a large-handled corded drill.

Keyed Chucks

When it comes to chucks, you will find either keyless chucks or keyed chucks. Single-sleeve keyless chucks are quicker and easier to use. Though many models’ chucks have a plastic construction, still they are quite bombproof.

On the other hand, if you choose a keyed chuck or a manual one, you will find it comfortable. They are way tougher than a keyless chuck.

Most probably you always wanted to have that keyless chuck, but when it comes to drilling with a stronger and precise chuck nothing is better than a keyed chuck.

reasons to keep your corded drill

Long-Term Economy

Undoubtedly, a cordless drill is always preferred when it comes to comfort and ease and of course, it is always a better way to go. But it is seen that these cordless drills often create problems with batteries, either it stops working or there are some errors while using a charger.

Sometimes a battery gets self-destructed when it doesn’t come in use for a long time.

But with a corded drill, you may not find such problems. Investing money in a machine that lasts for a longer time is always worth. Corded drills can remain the same for 5 years or maybe more than that (if kept properly).

9 Must-Have Kitchen Countertop Appliances

We all need small appliances for the kitchen that will help us in our daily needs. Choosing a perfect kitchen appliance is essential as it complements our needs and lifestyle. Consider these convenient countertop appliances when renovating or considering buying new appliances for your kitchen:

  • Blenders 

Are you a smoothie person? Are you in need of high power machines? Then blenders will be perfect for you. From frozen margaritas to smoothies, blenders help to crush, mix food perfectly.

  • Slow Cookers 

Are you a person with the hectic schedule and generally do not get time to cook? Then slow cookers will be perfect for you. All you have to do is throw all of your ingredients in there and leave it for a day after setting it up. It is that easy. It will be the best appliance for potluck dinners and one pot meals. There are some pressure cookers too which you can use in your kitchen.

  • Stand Mixers 

Homeowners at some point in time will be in a need of a stand mixer. It is the best appliance when it comes to baking or mixing of ingredients. Stand mixers come in so many varieties and flexibility that you can easily buy as per your needs and willingness to invest. With a stand mixer, you won’t only save a lot of time but you will be able to do multitasking as well.

  • Coffee Makers 

We all drink coffee and it is not an easy task to grind the coffee and prepare a cup for yourself on a daily basis. For this purpose, it is the best to buy a coffee maker, especially a drip maker. All you will have to do with it is set it at night, and you can wake up to a freshly made coffee the next day that would be stored in a drip maker. You can also opt for a thermal carafe that keeps coffee hot for hours.

  • Espresso Machines

Tired of the hissing steam? The espresso machines are perfect for you. It is a high-quality machine which gives a high-quality coffee that grinds and brews for you. Apart from that, another advantage of having an espresso machine is that instead of making only one cup at a time it brews continuously.

  • Food Processors

The food processor can do multitasking for you without the need to worry about cleanliness. It can do slicing, chopping, blending, kneading, etc. it is a perfect appliance for the kitchen tasks which will not only speed up the work but will also do it with efficiency.

  • Toaster Ovens

Toaster ovens provide flexibility for preheating cookies, cakes, pasta etc. It just takes five minutes which is a luxury to have if you have an extra space in the kitchen.

  • Wine Coolers

Wine coolers are sure not for everyone, but it is one of that fun and gadgety tool for wine lovers that serves great wines quickly. It allows you to keep the bottles separately and preserve wine which will allow you to have the wine for at least a week without worrying about its quality getting degraded.

  • Soda Makers

Soda makers have the capability to use refillable carbon dioxide and serve freshly made flavored sodas which are far fewer additives than mass-marketed products.

Kitchen Appliances You Don’t Need | Save Money and Space

So, we juggle between several appliances in the kitchen. We spend a lot of time cooking and we realize there are many kitchen appliances that are just lying in the corner and we don’t actually need them. There are also many kitchen appliances that just comes and goes randomly. Some are purchased without giving much of a though and some are gifted.

The best way to buy a kitchen appliance is when it can do more than just one task. Below there is a list of kitchen appliances that you don’t actually need

·      Yogurt Maker

We all make our own yogurt. Yogurt can also be made with the help of a cooler or even the oven. Due to this, yogurt maker won’t help you much as it just does only one task, takes space in the kitchen for just this one task, when on the other hand money can be saved by making a yogurt on your own and that money can be invested into buying another kitchen appliance.

·      Pastry Cutter

Pastry cutter can be used for more than one thing sure, from chopping of vegetables to cutting boiled eggs. It has several uses that can make dinner biscuits light. But pastry cutter can be easily replaced by a spatula, knife or a fork.

These appliances do not even take much of a space in the kitchen as compared to a pastry cutter. Apart from this, knife and fork are used for multiple purposes, and can also be used to put butter, jam on the bread.

Pasta and Pastry Cutter

·      Zester

The zester is a kitchen utensil that is usually four inches long and is used to obtain zest from lemons and citrus fruits. But this appliance is mostly left to be unused and usually lies around in the kitchen cabinet unfruitfully.

Instead of using a zester a knife can be easily used to slice off the zest of lemon and citrus fruit. An alternate to knife can be a cheese grater that gives you the option of peeling large zest or a smaller one as well.

·      Baby Food Maker

Do you have an old baby maker that you don’t really need and forgot about it as it is lying somewhere in the corner for years now? Yes, I had a same scenario wherein I did not really need the baby food maker.

I only needed them when the kids were little to make small food through the processor. An alternative to a baby food maker is boiling, roasting and steaming the baby food instead of using a baby food maker. It is a simple and effective technique.

·      Rice Cooker

Yes yes, I know many people like rice makers. But I feel that a stove can be used well for cooking rice as well. This gives me the freedom to not find an extra space to store my rice cooker as well.

Rice Cooker

How To Clean A Cordless Drill

A Cordless Drill is the most effective tool in drilling and fastening nuts and bolts into different materials and if you own one, you know exactly what I am talking about.

However, if you don’t take proper care of it or clean it regularly, then your Drill’s performance could go down and it could become useless after a point. There are so many benefits and features of having a cordless drill which you can read before doing it wrong.

Cordless Drills are likely to collect a lot of dirt and dust when drilling holes and if this dust isn’t removed on time, they could become jammed or could overheat quickly. If you still haven’t bought one then make sure you read reviews before buying.

So, to avoid all these mishaps, one needs to clean their Cordless Drill from time to time to keep it functioning properly. Here are a few steps to keep your Cordless Drill clean and healthy:

Step 1: Checking the casing

The first step would be to observe the drill casing for any cracks or damages as this protects the drill’s inner workings from damages. If you see any cracks in the casing, make sure that you get it repaired or get a new casing for your drill.

Another thing to check is that if the screws in the casing are tight or not. If they are loose, you need to tighten them.

Step 2: Removing the dust particles

Make sure that your drill is free of all dust and dirt. You can use a vacuum cleaner to perform this task. Use the vacuum cleaner’s hose to suck up all the dust that is covered in the drill. Once this is done, you can use a soft cloth to wipe down the drill with a mild cleaner and water.

Make sure that you don’t let your drill submerge in water and dry your drill as soon as you wipe it with a cleaner solution otherwise your drill might short circuit.

Step 3: Keeping the chuck clean

The chuck is one area which is mishandled a lot so make sure that your chuck is working properly and isn’t covered with dust. If it is then you need to clean with a soft cloth and then lubricate it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Most cordless drills come with the required lubricant that needs to be used to keep the chuck smooth and functional.

Step 4: Keep the contacts clean

Another drill part that gets dirty a lot is the contact. So always check the contact and if you see any dirt or dust on it, wipe it clean with a damp cloth and then dry it properly.

Step 5: Proper Storage

One of the best ways to keep your Cordless Drill clean is by storing it in an adequate storage place. A lot of cordless drills come with a casing for their storage so you can store your drill in this but ensure that the casing is cleaned and isn’t covered with any dust or debris.

Also, make sure you keep this case in a place where the temperature ranges between 40 – 100 degrees to avoid rusting or damage to the case. If this is not possible, then keep your case in a sealable plastic bag and then store your drill in a particular place.

Looking for the Best Pressure Cooker for Your Kitchen? Look no Further.

Can’t find the ideal pressure cooker? Well, an instant pot offers a neat solution. With it, you can prepare rice for the day within a few minutes.  You can also use it to make stew, chili, yogurt etc. Instant pots offer value for money as most of them are 6 or 7 in one product.

The higher-end models come with additional functionality like Bluetooth connectivity etc. So here’s list of the best instant posts for 2017.

IP – DUO60

  1. If you’re looking for a model similar to a pressure cooker this 7 in one model is the best choice and comes with all the fancy frills you’d want.  You can use it as a pressure cooker, cook rice, yogurt, steamer, warmer etc. and comes with 14 smart programs that make it easy to use.
  2. It also features dual pressure option, settings to keep food heated and different temperature settings for sautéing, slow cook etc. Its stainless steel build makes it a durable model.

IP – DUO60


  1. You can either opt for the 6 in 1 option or the 7 in one option. While both can be used to cook rice, steam or warm food or even as a slow cooker, the 7 in one comes with an additional yogurt maker.
  2. Both models come with 10 safety functions and 10 smart programs that make using the pot easy and safe and enable you to cook foods such as chili, soup, even meat, rice etc.  You get 3 different temperature settings.

IP- Bluetooth smart Pot

  1. If you’re a lazy ass who’d love to get most of the job done while lying on the couch then this is exactly the instant pot you need as it is Bluetooth enabled. With the press of a button on your smartphone or tablet, you can turn the temperature down, turn it on/off etc.
  2. Apart from that, it also cooks faster and is energy efficient. It too can be used to make yogurt, warm food, slow cook, cook rice etc. It comes with 14 smart programs and 3 temperature settings.

IP- Bluetooth smart Pot

IP- DuO50

  1. If you’ve been priced out of the DUO 60, the DUO 50 is the next best option. It too is a 7 in one pot and can perform all the necessary functions equally well like making yogurt, rice etc.
  2. It has an automatic warmer feature and comes with 3 different temperature settings. The stainless steel built makes it durable, easy to clean and provides equal heat distribution.

Read more:

Ip- LUX60

  1. If you’re looking for an upgrade on your LUX50 this model is the ideal choice. It’s a 6 in 1 pot and can perform all functions such as slow cooking, cooking rice, sautéing, steam or warm food etc. Its stainless steel built guarantees durability and even heat distribution.
  2. This model also comes with a rice paddle, few measuring cups, recipe book and tons of other additional benefits bound to steal your heart and everything at just over $100.

Ip- LUX60


Choptank Guests,

As you may or may not know, Choptank, unfortunately, lost its location on Bleecker St. in March due to insurmountable partnership problems. Joshua Morgan, co-founder of Choptank, acquired full ownership of the Choptank brand and has been working hard to find a new permanent home. We sincerely apologize to all of our loyal guests and fans for this tragic disruption, and we are doing everything we can to bring you authentic, Maryland inspired cuisine as soon as possible.

The good news is that this year’s Blue Crab season will not be missed! On the weekend of September 23 – 25, Choptank will bring to NYC the first ever large-scale crab event –Hammer & Claws Blue Crab Feast. It will be an all-inclusive, all u can eat, authentic crab feast — exactly what we offered at Choptank.

Please visit our website to purchase your ticket and reserve your seat. We look forward to seeing you there.

All the best,


Best Keurig K-cup coffee maker flavors – Choptanknyc

A Keurig coffee machine uses K-cup pods to brew a good-quality coffee for you and you can always choose your favorite flavor of coffee. There are several K-cup flavors in the market and it can get difficult to find the one according to your liking. You can’t try each of them, there are just too many so we have compiled a list of the top 10 K-cup coffee flavors which you are bound to find delicious. Check out Freshpresso’s list of best espresso machines.

  1. Starbucks Guatemala Laguna de Ayarza

One of the best coffee pod flavors, this one tastes like Starbucks and costs just a fraction of their coffee. It encloses a large variety of coffees and is the perfect option for all those people who want a Starbuck coffee in their bed, every day.

  1. Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve

This famous dark-roast coffee flavor has a chocolaty taste and offers you a rich and fruity flavor. Its nutty taste and light-bodied blend provides a perfect start to your mornings and turns your day into a good day.

  1. Original Donut Shop Extra Bold Coffee

This bestseller coffee flavor is the perfect balance of boldness and smoothness and is not at all harsh or bitter. This medium-roast coffee is made of Arabica coffee and is 100% organic and provides you with a good-quality coffee every time.

  1. Green Mountain Breakfast Blend

This light-roast coffee is the best way to start your way with its bright and engaging flavors. It is one of the popular flavors and offers you a citrusy and crisp taste which makes your morning fresher. Also, check DeLonghi one of the best coffee machine DeLonghi Magnifica.

  1. Green Mountain Nantucket Blend

Another popular medium-roast coffee, this one provides you with a full delicious flavor and the Arabica coffee flavor just blows your mind. It offers you a smooth and balanced taste of berries while giving a hint of French roast and is the ultimate coffee flavor for all coffee lovers.

  1. Newman’s Extra Bold

This medium-roast coffee provides you with a strong and delicious flavor which is not only cheap but organic too. It has a bold and smooth taste which makes it perfect for that early morning drink to kick start the day.

  1. Starbucks Breakfast Blend

This medium-roast coffee flavor provides you with a Starbucks experience and offers a citrusy taste to your coffee. It is quite smooth and balanced and gives off a rich flavor and texture making it a must-have coffee in your pantry.

  1. Trader Joe’s

These K-cups are biodegradable and lack any kind of complexity while providing you with a smooth and clean taste. You might need to alter them a little when using in your Keurig machine but they are one of the cheapest lots in the market which makes it quite an attractive offer.

  1. Seattle’s Best

This light-roast coffee flavor provides you with a nutty and smooth flavor while not letting any bitterness tarnish your finishing taste. It is quite reasonably priced too and is perfect for anyone who is looking for some light and bright coffee to drink.

  1. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Smooth

As the name suggests, this light roast is smooth and perfectly balanced and provides you a fruity flavor along with a sweet finish. This well-rounded flavor goes especially well with doughnuts is a must try for all the doughnut lovers.