Benefits and Features of Having a Cordless Drill

A cordless drill driver is a powerful tool that allows a user to operate it without being attached to an electric plug. They are designed to drill holes or insert and remove screws in a better and convenient way. As compared to other drills they come with a great utility and appeal. Since it is powered by a rechargeable battery so there is no need of long 20-30 meters of electronic cable.

Well, there are many other features why one should go for a cordless drill. Let’s have a look.

Good Battery Back up

What else do you want if your tool has an extended battery life? These cordless drills use the same lithium-ion battery technology that our mobile phones have been using already. With its superior all-inclusive battery capacity and lightweight as compared to old battery technology, the lithium-ion battery makes it an attractive and better product.

Some of the cordless drills also come with an option of having a spare or even two battery packs so that you don’t have to delay your work (Just change the battery and go on). In this world full of smart technologies, some cordless drills also come with “Smart” charges, which can charge your drill in now more than half an hour. It also keeps the battery in a good condition, extends the battery life and retains optimum power.

Nickel Cadmium is the cheapest battery technology you can use occasionally but its heavy and poor charging quality doesn’t make it as the first preference.

Nickel Metal Hydride is can be considered as an average rated product. On the other hand, Lithium-Ion battery is light in weight and its high charge capacity makes it the better choice than others.

Better Torque Control

Torque control is the feature provided by the gears helps you to adjust the torque being delivered by the drill driver. If you use the right technique, it allows you to drive screws to the correct depth. It also has the ability to control the speed when dealing with different materials.

Thus, this advantage help to prevent damage to the screw head or work surface. The speed control feature helps to provide better accuracy while drilling which makes it an ideal and vital tool for construction.

Nowadays, most of the cordless drills come with 20 different torque levels so you can really fine tune the power being provided.

3-Jawed Chuck

Chuck is the part of the cordless drivers that hold the screwdriver or drill bits. It has 3 jaws that open and close to accepting the bits.

Why 3-jawed chucks are useful because they can hold bits and straight shanks as well as hexagonal.

On the other hand, cordless impact drivers and screwdrivers don’t provide such facility, so you have to purchase drill bits with hexagonal shanks that mean replacing most of the drill bits in your toolbox.

Before buying a cordless drill, make it clear, for what purpose you are going to buy it? Is it for simple drilling or for any other advantages also? What type of battery should it have? Do you want a high power drill or not? and many other questions.

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