5 Reasons to Keep Your Corded Drill

There is no doubt that cordless drills are more powerful these days because you don’t have the need of 20-30 meters long cable and they are more portable. Their lithium-ion batteries and better power backup make it a perfect choice nowadays.

Drilling or driving becomes easier when it comes drill in some awkward areas like under the sink, area where electrical connection is far away and many more.

But still, there are many reasons why you should not leave your corded drill yet.

Higher Top Speeds

Corded drills operate at higher top rotational speeds as compared to cordless drills, therefore, it becomes easy to drill non-drilling accessories such as heavy metal or paint stripping.

Sometimes you want higher speed for smaller bits and if you look at a drill speed chart, you will get to know that a lot of smaller bits can run on higher speed as compared to a cordless drill.

Infinite Power and Always Ready to Use

There might be some chances that the cordless drill run out of battery but with a corded drill, you just need a power connection and it is done. While performing additional tasks take takes long duration such as cleaning metal is easy in a corded drill.

In short, there is no need of charging batteries earlier, no extra care for the chargers and you don’t have to check the power gauge. Just take the drill and use whenever you want.


Cordless drills are made more work efficient and are also designed to be lightweight and portable. Yes, it is true that due to the heavy weight of the tool it becomes exhausting while using but many times nothing is more comfortable than a large-handled corded drill.

Keyed Chucks

When it comes to chucks, you will find either keyless chucks or keyed chucks. Single-sleeve keyless chucks are quicker and easier to use. Though many models’ chucks have a plastic construction, still they are quite bombproof.

On the other hand, if you choose a keyed chuck or a manual one, you will find it comfortable. They are way tougher than a keyless chuck.

Most probably you always wanted to have that keyless chuck, but when it comes to drilling with a stronger and precise chuck nothing is better than a keyed chuck.

reasons to keep your corded drill

Long-Term Economy

Undoubtedly, a cordless drill is always preferred when it comes to comfort and ease and of course, it is always a better way to go. But it is seen that these cordless drills often create problems with batteries, either it stops working or there are some errors while using a charger.

Sometimes a battery gets self-destructed when it doesn’t come in use for a long time.

But with a corded drill, you may not find such problems. Investing money in a machine that lasts for a longer time is always worth. Corded drills can remain the same for 5 years or maybe more than that (if kept properly).

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